71 year old Florist sued by the State – Baronelle’s case hits the Court


Oral Arguments were heard in the Baronelle case yesterday. It’s taking place in the State of Washington, but its ripple effect will be felt worldwide. Watch the clip to get the gist of what’s happening. In a nutshell, Baronelle is the sole owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington. She has, for her entire career, served and employed people who identify as homosexual. She has loved them, and cared for them, and never said a mean word to any of them. One of her friends, who she had made her best flower arrangements for over the years, was a homosexual. When he came to her to ask if she could participate in his gay wedding by supplying the flowers, she sadly said no – she couldn’t be a part of an event that goes against her conscience and her religious beliefs. She told him she would always do his flowers for him for any other occasion – she just couldn’t do the wedding. At the age of 71, she is now being sued by the State of Washington and under threat of being wiped out financially for not wanting to take part in the wedding because it goes against her conscience. It is important to note that she has never discriminated against homosexuals in her life. Her decision was all about the EVENT, not the PEOPLE. Is it right that we be forced to participate in events that go against our conscience? Can you imagine any event that you wouldn’t want to be a part of? Would you like to be forced by the State? No matter where you land on the subject, this case is worth keeping an eye on.