Amazing footage of baby still in its sac shines light on Hillary’s ‘9 month’ stance on abortion


Amazing footage has surfaced on the Human Birth Project that shows a baby in the caul at a c-section. They decided to keep the baby in the bag for a while after it was born,  and left it to continue breathing through its placenta, which it is still attached to its mother. So we get to see exactly what a 9 month old baby feeding off its placenta in the womb would look like. WATCH

Once you’ve watched that, let’s rewind to Hillary Clinton’s interview on the View where she said that an unborn baby, EVEN ON HIS/HER DUE DATE AFTER NINE MONTHS OF PREGNANCY, has no right to life.

In her interview on the View, co-host Paula Faris asked, “I want to ask you about some comments that you made over the weekend on ‘Meet the Press,’ you said, quote, ‘The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.’ My question is at what point does someone have constitutional rights, and are you saying that a child, on its due date, just hours before delivery still has no constitutional rights?”

Clinton said, “Under our law that is the case, Paula. I support Roe versus Wade because I think it is an important — an important statement about the importance of a woman making this most difficult decision with consultation by whom she chooses: her doctor, her faith, her family. And under the law and under certainly that decision, that is the way we structure it.”

Now watch the clip of that baby in its birth sac again – because that’s what a baby looks like at 9 months in the womb – and try and make a case for Hillary’s views on abortion not being extreme and barbaric.

A case for her views being ‘anti-woman’ can also be made. Abortion guts the mother. Research shows they suffer with it for the rest of their lives. Likelihood of depression and suicide increases. A lot of them, if they could go back, wouldn’t do it. It’s heartbreaking. That’s why I can’t stand the dishonesty in supporting it, and even celebrating it like they did at the Democratic National Convention. The president of NARAL was cheered and applauded when she told everyone that she had an abortion. “I did what was best for me” she said, and the crowd at the DNC erupted into applause.

Promoting and celebrating abortion confuses the young women watching and makes them think that it’s normal, fine and ‘just a quick procedure.’ They only find out afterwards that it was not a normal little procedure, and they will never be the same.

Abortion leaves two victims – one dead and one wounded. It’s not to be celebrated and cheered. Hillary Clinton’s position is extreme, barbaric and it’s anti-women.