CARSON: “No Changes to our campaign”


Speaking on ABC’s “This week”, Carson was asked if he was going to make any changes to his campaign and here is his response:

“Absolutely not. Our campaign is the same. We tell the truth. We deal with the issues. And you know, I’m not a politician, so you’re not going to find me acting like a politician. I am somebody who is extremely concerned about the direction of our nation and what is going to happen to us if we continue down this pathway. And I am very hopeful that the people in your business, the media, will soon recognise the role that they play in helping to restore the American Dream.”

When asked about a series of tweets by Donald Trump, one of which referred to an article by Politico regarding Carson’s scholarship for West Point and said ‘WOW! One of many lies by Ben Carson’, Carson said:

“Well, it’s been proven that it wasn’t a lie. And none of the things are lies. But, you know, what does it say about people who immediately jump on the bandwagon if they hear something bad? Rather than waiting and finding out what the truth is.”

When pushed by the interviewer regarding what it says about people, Carson said “Well, let me put it this way. I would not be anxious to have a commander-in-chief who acted that way.”

Trump has insulted various people during his campaign, but until recently has held off on Carson. Carson’s recent surge in the polls bringing him to front-runner status with Trump seems to have changed that.