With 41 million Christians in the US spending approximately $2 Trillion per year, a marketing company has decided to issue its first annual index on how welcoming companies are to Christians.

The Washington Times reported that the Faith Equality Index ratings used were based the following criteria:

  • 35 points for public commitment to faith-driven consumers
  • 30 points for faith-compatible corporate actions,
  • 15 points for equal application of equal protections
  • 20 points for corporate competency in the faith-driven consumer market segment.

140 companies representing 334 brands were covered by the study, and these were the companies that came out on top as being the most Christian-friendly

1) Chick-fil-A,

2) Hobby Lobby,

3) Interstate Batteries,

4) Ball Park,

5) Hillshire Farm,

6) Jimmy Dean,

7) Sara Lee,

8) Tyson Foods,

9) Cracker Barrell, and

10) Walmart

Chris Stone of www.faithdrivenconsumer.com said that the Community has been asking for a breakdown of the most Christian-friendly brands. The IJ Review reported that Stone prefers a positive rather than negative approach – a ‘buycott’ that rewards those supportive of faith-driven consumers, rather than using a boycott penalising those who aren’t.”

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has been issuing a Corporate Equality Index since 2002 to rate companies on their policies and outreach to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people giving companies recognition for being the “Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality.”

This new index for Christians has been celebrated by many, including the Women of Grace blog, which said “In a marketplace that celebrates diversity, the Faith Equality Index focuses major brands on the newest color in their rainbow, Faith Driven Consumers.”