CRUZ: “Obama has elected more Republicans than anyone”


There is no denying that Ted Cruz is on the rise. Many polls are now showing him in third place, with only Ben Carson and Donald Trump still ahead.

After the CNBC debate, his campaign raised a whopping $1.1M within twenty-two hours. And the donations came from all over the country, which shows that he’s appealing to the grassroots.

Cruz can probably attribute some of his rise to his strong criticism of the liberal media, being dubbed by many as the most memorable moment of the debate and causing the crowd to erupt with applause. But it’s not just that. His records shows that he’s a consistent fighter for Conservative principles.

Speaking to Sean Hannity last week, Cruz said:

“Conservatives win when we effectively articulate what it is that we believe. Liberals win when they effectively obviscate and hide what they believe. Because truth matters. Our principles work and their principles don’t.”

When Hannity pointed out that since Obama has been president, the Democrats have lost over 900 state legislative seats. 12 gubernatorial seats, 69 house seats and 14 senate seats, Cruz was quick on the uptake:

“Barrack Obama has elected more Republicans than any human being in the history of mankind, and it’s because his policies are such a spectacular failure.”

Then he went further and said:

“I thought it was fairly ridiculous when he said “Gosh, if Republicans can’t handle CNBC, how will they stand upto Putin or Iran?” You know Obama’s negotiation – he is the worst negotiator perhaps in the history of American presidents, because what he does with Putin and Iran is that he just surrenders and gives them everything. He tells Iran:

“Ok you want 100 billion dollars. Fine”

“You want nuclear weapons. Fine.”

“You want to keep sponsoring terrorism. Fine.”

“You want to keep building ICBM’s. Fine.”

“You want to keep Americans in prison. Fine.”

“We’ll surrender everything.”


Photo image: “Ted Cruz, official portrait, 113th Congress” by United States Senate – Office of Senator Ted Cruz. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –,_official_portrait,_113th_Congress.jpg#/media/File:Ted_Cruz,_official_portrait,_113th_Congress.jpg