It’s official. Obama paid $400M cash to Iran at same time US prisoners were released


1) We all know it’s a long-standing policy of the US to never pay ransom to terorrists.
2) The logic behind that policy is that when terrorists know that countries pay, that makes them far more likely to take hostages. So ransom payments lead to future kidnappings, and future kidnappings lead to additional ransom payments – which endangers Americans by making it lucrative to kidnap them and grows the capacity of terrorist organizations to conduct attacks.
3) Iran is a regime known to fund terrorism and shouts of ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ have been heard there on more than one occasion. Their Ayatollah Khomeini has even said that ‘Americans are the great Satan, the wounded snake.’
4) In January of this year, Iran surprisingly agreed to free 4 American prisoners that they had been holding, including Pastor Saeed. It was seen as a diplomatic breakthrough at the time, with Obama taking credit.
5) It has come to light that at the SAME TIME that those prisoners were freed, Obama instructed that $400M in umarked cash bills be flown into Iran on a cargo plane.
6) The payment was kept secret and was not revealed to the public at the time.
7) Now that it has come to light in a report, Obama can’t deny that he did it, and is doing everything short of cartwheels to tell everyone that there is nothing to see here and that it was just a first payment on the $1.7Billion that was to be paid to Iran in terms of the (disastrous) Iran deal that his administration brokered – not explaining why it was done with unmarked bills on a cargo plane.
8) Meanwhile, Pastor Saeed has confirmed to the press that despite the fact that his plane and pilot were ready to leave, he had to wait the whole night at the airport, and when he asked the Iranian police about the delay, they told him that they were waiting for a plane to arrive and could not release him until it arrived.
9) Furthermore, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Iranian Press has quoted senior Iranian defense officials describing the cash as a ransom payment. So in Iran, it’s being called RANSOM.
10) To recap – Unmarked bills? Ordered by Obama and sent in secretly by a cargo plane? At the same time the hostages were released? And one of the hostages was told that he couldn’t be released until the plane arrived? What do they say about ‘if it quacks like a duck…’ Iranian officials are calling it ransom. And if it was, that makes Obama the first US president in history to endanger US citizens by letting a terrorist regime know that the US will pay to have them released. It amounts to a complete upheaval of an old, foundational policy and core principle in how the US deals with kidnapping and terrorism, and makes US citizens very valuable to terrorist regimes. The release of this report breaking the story this week, is not a small thing.