Maher explains how Hollywood indoctrinates people to a liberal mindset. MUST WATCH.


Andrew Breitbart famously said “Politics is downstream from culture.” In other words, once you’re fighting a battle in the political arena, you’ve already lost the war. And he’s 100% right. Hollywood lays the foundation for the outcome of most political fights and (not so) subtly indoctrinates people to the views they want us to have, eg, back in my day, the baddy in the movie was always Russian. That wasn’t a co-incidence.

I’ve always been aware that the public is led like sheep to the conclusion that Hollywood and the media wants us to come to, but I have never heard it stated quite so clearly and openly as in this clip by Bill Maher. Maher is a far-left Atheist, who openly mocks Christians and Conservatives at every chance he gets. I love listening to him because he’s witty, and because I like to stay in touch with what Progressives are thinking and more importantly, WHY they think that way. Maher’s ends are wrong 90% of the time, but his means are flawless.

This is a MUST-WATCH clip for those who think that Hollywood indoctrination isn’t intentional. It DOESN’T happen by accident. It’s planned. They know the conclusion they’re going after LONG in advance, and they’re way ahead of Conservatives when it comes to tactics on the battle field of Culture. If you press people, you’ll find that a lot of them don’t know why they think the way they do on a particular subject. They haven’t researched it, they can’t back up their stance with fact, they just got some nice feelings from a movie that shaped their view on the subject! It’s genius! Conservatives need to catch a wake up, because if you think today’s issues are dark, wait for tomorrow’s ones…