OPEN LETTER TO TRUMP- I don’t like you, but I want you to win


And I am not the only Conservative who feels that way. In fact, if you follow social media (which I know you do), there are millions like me right now. We were supporting Carson, or Rubio, and towards the end, we all desperately wanted Cruz to win. We felt like we’d taken a hit to the gut after Indiana when Cruz dropped out. And now we’re stuck in a situation where we have nowhere to turn. We are stuck between you and Hillary.

With some of the things that you have said, there have been many junctions along this road where we have thought ‘We cannot support that. There is no way. We’re not even sure he is a Conservative.’ Mark Levin is against you, Ben Shapiro is against you. Glenn Beck is against you. Matt Walsh is against you – and that’s just to name a few. These are guys that Conservatives trust and they have a big following. It’s a huge asset to have them in your corner and a huge problem if you don’t. You’re trailing Hillary in the polls right now because a massive part of the Conservative Republican base is sitting on the fence. There are guys who should’ve endorsed you by now, but they haven’t. There are a whole lot of Conservatives waiting around in no-man’s land right now, wondering how they got into this predicament and what they should do now. They can’t stand Hillary, so you have that in your favor. But if you want to win – if you want their trust and their vote – you can’t rely on their dislike of Hillary alone. You have Gary Johnson who is not helping your cause by giving Conservatives an alternative. And you have ticked off enough people on the Left to bring more than the average numbers to the polling stations to vote against you. You need the Conservative vote. Bottom line.

Which brings me to the reason I am writing this letter – you’re not going to get it if you choose the wrong VP. Millions are waiting for your VP pick. If we’re not sure you’re a Conservative, we want to know your VP is. It will put our minds at rest. We don’t trust the establishment. They’ve dropped the ball on us too many times. Too many times when they’ve had an opportunity to stand firm, they’ve caved. They’ve made deals with Obama, they’ve served their own interests and they haven’t represented us like they should have. We are the pro-life crowd. We are the pro-freedom crowd. We are the pro-second amendment crowd. We want our country to be safe. We believe in small government –  a government that protects us, but other than that, leaves us alone. We don’t ever want any of our freedoms tampered with.

There are four VP picks that would win these Conservatives over. They are Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Rand Paul. Some of us will end up supporting you anyway out of sheer desperation, but if you go with any one of those four, I am telling you that you will confuse your Conservative critics, and you’ll win over this critical group of GOP voters.

I’ve taken the time to pen this letter because:

(1) News outlets are reporting Christie or Gingrich as your top picks – both establishment, both disliked by the Conservatives you need to unite, and both sure to guarantee you a loss – which brings me to my next reason

(2) I don’t want Hillary to win.

We want you to do the right things. We’re hoping you’ll give us reason to trust you. We’re watching closely. Even if we don’t realize it, we’re rooting for you to get this right. Please just give us a reason to believe you’re a real Conservative, you’re for small government and you’re pro-freedom. If you choose one of the four guys I have mentioned, the group you have yet to convince will say “I may not be sure about Trump, but I trust his VP.” And you need that right now. You sorely need the support of those who love Cruz – those homeless, wondering voters who don’t know where to set up camp now between the devil and the deep blue sea. Show them you’re a viable option. Please.

This country cannot afford a Hillary presidency. The Supreme Court is at stake (an issue that I think you should constantly bring to the forefront, because the stakes are huge). The Second Amendment is at stake. Freedom of religion, belief and conscience is at stake.  There is so much riding on this election and everyone knows it. Hillary is going to come at you with everything. The establishment train is coming for you – with all of its power, all of its experience,  and all of its funding. It would be unwise to underestimate what lies ahead in the run-up to this election. You are the nominee and as much as I am one of those who is still very unsure of who you are and what you will stand for, I am rooting for you. I have to. Many of my friends aren’t though. Not yet. And those are the guys you need to aim for now. You’ll cruise past Hillary in the polls if you get Cruz’s supporters on board.

The words of Tracy Chapman are echoing in their minds right now as they contemplate what to do – “Give me one reason to stay here, and I’ll turn right back around.” Give them a reason. Choose the right VP. Choose the right VP.