OPINION – Why abortion is my ‘deal-breaker’ issue


Someone recently asked me a question along the following lines – “Why the focus on social issues like abortion? Why not focus more on the economy, healthcare, etc?” I found it a very fair and interesting question and one worth thinking about and answering for myself.

My baby was conceived 15 weeks ago (which puts me at 17 weeks pregnant). He can hear, he moves around freely, kicks his legs, sucks his thumb and plays with the umbilical cord. His bones are becoming hard, he is fully formed and he can feel pain and fear. Those are all proven scientific facts. In this country, it is perfectly legal to take a large silver clamp while he is playing and break off his limbs one by one. He doesn’t die when he loses his first limb – he’s just in terrible pain and he’s terrified. Then they get the next limb, and lastly they get to his head because it’s the hardest part of him to crush. When he has been torn apart, he is suctioned out piece by piece.

A lot of his body parts are still identifiable (we all heard the Planned Parenthood assistant, when she was going through the parts of the recently aborted baby, say: ‘It’s a boy!’) In the US, this has happened to nearly 60 million living, moving babies since Roe v Wade.

This isn’t a ‘social issue’ – this is genocide. Those silent screams can’t be heard and that makes them a very easy target of convenience for those that can speak. Proverbs 18 v 17 says “The first to put forth his case seems right, until someone else steps forward and cross-examines him.” In the issue of abortion, those being killed can’t cross-examine. They just spend the last few minutes of their life with a very raised heartbeat as they try and work out what is happening to them. And then it’s over.

I know that everyone has their deal-breaker issues when it comes to voting for a party. Mine, as I stand before God (who knows where I put my X) is the issue of abortion. I am malleable on a lot of issues, but I can not vote for a person or party that supports abortion. It is a golden deal-breaker for me because even though the deaths of those 60 million don’t affect my life directly, I know that their murder is a direct affront to God. The Bible says that it’s Him who knits babies together in the womb (Psalm 139v19). That means that He is busy knitting when the life is snuffed. In Jeremiah 1v5, He says “”Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” In Psalm 22, David says “From my mother’s womb, you have been my God.” With the miraculous process that is required to bring a baby from one cell to being born, and especially noting that no two babies, in the womb or outside the womb, have the same finger print, how can one not see the hand of the Creator in it? All those fingerprints we will never get to see will never be repeated again in all of history….

To hold the number of dead bodies from abortion in the US alone since Roe v Wade, you would need 733 football stadiums, and they would need to be piled up with bodies. Don’t think for a second that the God of universe, who knows the number of hairs that you have on your head, doesn’t know exactly how wide and how high that pile of bodies is.

We may sit far away from it, never been into an abortion clinic, never felt or witnessed the horror, prefer to think of those babies as a bunch of cells, not my problem, just let them do it, much easier to side with the person who can talk than the one who can’t… but I just can’t. Unfortunately I know about it, I know it’s happening, and that makes my silence on the subject the same as agreement. If I turn my head away, if I vote for a party that supports this, I am saying it’s okay. I may be able to keep a low head, act like I didn’t know, but God knows I knew. And I have a voice. They may not have one, but I do.

So yes, this is my deal-breaker issue until the genocide stops. There’s that word again…. So uncomfortable. Why does she keep using it? Urgh – It’s very dramatic and incendiary. Why does she have to make it sound so bad?…. Genocide is defined as “the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular group.” Tell me that abortion doesn’t fit into that definition. And if you can’t, tell me why it’s okay to look away, say nothing and even vote for those who advocate it. I don’t think it is, which makes abortion a deal-breaker issue for me – above the economy, above health-care, above everything else, until it stops.