Prayer Shaming – why it doesn’t work


After the last mass shooting in San Bernadino, a disturbing trend now known as ‘prayer shaming’ started immediately online. From Twitter to Facebook to various liberal publications, those who said they were praying for the families of the victims were mocked and ridiculed. It happened so fast and with such force, that one would be forgiven for wondering if it was an orchestrated response.

The New York Daily News especially drew a strong response to its front page, which openly mocked those who said that they would be praying.

The president of the Media Research Centre said:

“For a major city newspaper to use their front page to mock people who are praying after what happened yesterday is unconscionable and unbefitting a publication that purports to be a serious media outlet. If the news media want to be atheists, that’s their business. But how dare they now ridicule people of faith. This kind of anti-religious bigotry is precisely what fuels Islamic terrorists’ hatred toward Americans.”

It’s interesting that there seems to be a marked attempt from liberals to make Christians, Jews, Muslims and all other religions that pray, feel embarrassed about their prayers. It’s a very typical response for a religious person to pray for someone when they know that person is in pain. Obviously, to an Atheist, prayer means nothing. But why shame others for praying? To each their own, right?

If the hope is that this backlash against prayer will stop people from praying, they have very little understanding of human nature. When there is a backlash against liberals on any of their policies, do they stop, or fight harder? It’s human nature to refuse to be controlled or manipulated and rather come to your own opinions.

“Now that I have been ridiculed, I have had a lightbulb moment and realise that I am wrong” – said no-one ever.

As such, my guess is that “Prayer Shaming” is just going to cause people to pray more. They are going to pray for those who are mocking them, pray for the families of the victims in the San Bernadino shooting, pray for the country and even pray for the New York Daily Times. They are going to pray fervently and often. Because when someone has seen the power of God in their life, and in the lives of others, they know that He is the first person to turn to in times like these. And no amount of scorn, shaming or contempt will deter them from reaching out to Him.