The Left’s moral outrage over Trump – and why it doesn’t work


Written by one of our female writers following the release of Trump’s lewd tape from 2005:

“I’ve given myself a day to digest and mull on that disgusting leaked audio of Trump’s from 11 years ago. It’s wrong, it made me angry, and it’s indefensible.

So is putting men into bathrooms with little girls, encouraging transgenderism on any child who displays signs of playing with the other gender’s toys, Bill Clinton using that cigar on one of his interns and then lying about it on national TV, JFK’s numerous affairs, (including having sex with a teenager in the White House and famously saying he gets a headache if he ‘doesn’t do it every day’), Hillary saying ‘What difference does it make?’ when asked about the four young men murdered in Benghazi, Hillary defending a child rapist and laughing about managing to get him off on a plea bargain, and Hillary’s support of late-term dismemberment abortions up until the baby is 9 months old in the womb…

My point is not in defense of Trump. It is to highlight the fact that ‘moral outrage’ is only employed on the Left when it suits their purposes. Every other day, they’re quick to say that there is no objective morality, morality is ‘subjective’ and people must do what they want in private without any judgment! Now that it suits their purposes (to get Hillary into the White House and have her elect 4 liberal Supreme Court justices), they are suddenly claiming that there ARE objective standards, that Trump’s actions are wrong and they’re judging him- Hmmmm…

Those of us who believe in objective truth and objective morality need to be FIRST to say Trump was wrong WHILE AT THE SAME TIME calling out the hypocrisy of those who are outraged with Trump today, but on every other day claim that there is no objective morality and ‘TO EACH THEIR OWN.’ You can’t pick up objective truth and morality for a day when it suits you, then drop it tomorrow and go back to ‘A person’s private life is private’ and ‘As long as it makes you happy!!’ If you’re upset about what Trump said in private (like I am) just quietly admit to yourself that there IS an objective right and an objective wrong, there is objective truth, there is objective morality, and it’s NOT WRONG to judge the actions of others. Because judging is exactly what you’re doing with Trump -and it’s fine. Judge away. What he said was (here’s that word again) – WRONG”