Top arguments FOR and AGAINST Trump’s executive order on immigration


The shortest and simplest explanation to describe Trump’s controversial executive order on immigration is that “it’s a moratorium on immigration or re-entries from seven individual countries and a temporary moratorium on refugees from all countries, subject to case-by-case exceptions.”

There has been a significant outcry against the order, so we thought we’d set out the top arguments that we have seen for and against the order – so you can make your own decision.

(1) Not compassionate

(2) Statistically only a few people die from jihadi terrorism in the US annually

(3) The poor execution and immediate effect of the order left some people stranded in transit and at airports

(4) Even though it doesn’t say so, the order amounts to a Muslim ban because all 7 countries are known Muslim countries

(5) It is unclear whether the order affects people with green cards

(6) It affects those with dual citizenship with one of the restricted nations, so even if you are a British or European citizen, you could be affected by the temporary ban if you have dual citizenship with one of those nations

(7) Will anger the people temporarily banned and could cause them to become radical

(8) There are specific cases of students not allowed back in, families separated, interpreters and top quality people with dual citizenship affected.

(1) The list of terror-linked countries that Trump used in this order was put together by Obama – Trump used Obama’s exact list.

(2) The top 5 countries with the largest Muslim populations were not included in the ban which clearly shows it’s not a Muslim ban but purely a ban on the high terrorist nations listed by Obama

(3) Many US presidents before have done similar temporary bans, including Carter and Reagan, so this is not new or unprecedented

(4) There are 16 Muslim nations that won’t allow Israelis in to their country because they are a Jewish nation – no outcry from the Left on that

(5) Trump has said he intends letting 50000 refugees in this year, a number that is in line with the average of the last 2 presidents

(6) The executive order is temporary and only applies for a short time

(7) The executive order makes way for exemptions on a case by case basis, so people like Mo Farah will not be affected

(8) There are 21 Muslim nations that refuse to take any Syrian refugees in at all because they are afraid of terrorism – theirs are not a temporary moratorium like Trump’s, but a permanent ban. No outcry against these nations

(9)That meme doing the rounds that shows only 2 Americans being killed by terrorism per year by Islamic jihadist immigrants conveniently leaves out 2015 and 2016

(10) According to statistics compiled by the Independent, 21 percent of Syrians support ISIS.