Why Rubio can’t win


I read a good article in the Hill by Dick Morris, and I agree completely.

I haven’t got anything against Rubio but these are the reasons why I think Ted Cruz is the only person who has a shot at beating Trump:

(1) In this election’s anti-establishment environment, each endorsement from the establishment is like a kiss of death for Rubio

(2) There is not one state on the map where Rubio is predicted to win

(3) Historically there has never been a Republican nominee who didn’t win one of the first three primaries

(4) Rubio’s stance on amnesty doesn’t fly with the majority of voters in the GOP and it’s not a subject they are going to change their mind on

(5) The impression people have is that he is an establishment puppet and will owe many people in many places if he wins

(6) Trump attacks those who pose a threat to him and he hasn’t attacked Rubio very much at all…

So my opinion is that the anti-Trump Conservatives need to rally around Cruz urgently – but will they realize that in time?… ‪#‎TickTock‬